Apple Watch Series 3 – The Ultimate Cellular Smartwatch

Are you looking to purchase a new Smartwatch that offers you something different and with a brand that you can trust. If Yes! Then meet the new Apple Watch Series 3, which is the first Apple Watch that will work in its entirety without a phone. What this means for you is that you will be able to make phone calls or play music without needing your smartphone, wherever you go.

The Smartwatch consists of a tiny electronic SIM, which enables better connectivity. But what makes this device truly remarkable, is the actual display of the watch which serves as the antenna. This series of the wearable claims to have 70% faster dual-core processor, a W2 chip that provides an 85% faster Wi-Fi connection and which has now become 50% more power efficient than its predecessors.

The Apple Watch Series 3 makes a massive leap forward in bringing you a fully functional Smartwatch that is almost the same size as the Series 2, yet more intelligent than ever before.

Purchase Recommendation

If you are interested in a Smartwatch that will truly act as your companion for communicating with the world without your Smartphone, then the Apple Watch Series 3 is for you. The best all rounded smartwatch that always delivers reliable performance in every feature, keeping your lifestyle needs and user friendliness at the top of their list. Which therefore makes this device the ultimate Smartwatch choice if you are looking for the best of everything in your next wearable.

The Apple watch Series 3 comes in GPS only and GPS & Cellular. If you are looking to benefit from the device only from Fitness and Tracking point of view, then the GPS only version will be more than enough for you. However, if you a interested in benefiting from the new Cellular functionality and break free from your Smartphone then the GPS & Cellular version be the right choice for you.

The Apple watch Series 3 has been released in many different editions, just like its predecessors. However in the most common sports edition, you can purchase this product for as cheap as £399 now (GPS & Cellular) in 38mm and £429 (GPS & Cellular) in 42mm. So if you are interested in purchasing yours today click Buy Now today.
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