LVL Hydration Monitor – First Water Hydration Wearable Ever

Have you ever been exposed to the potential risk of some of the most common health problems such as Fatigue, Premature Aging, Constipation, Heart attack, High Blood Pressure, Urinary tract infections and Obesity. If Yes! Then you may be surprised to hear that all of these health problems have one thing in common, more than you know it and that is the Lack of Water you intake throughout your daily life. Now you may be wondering if the impact to my health is so big, then how can I keep track of my Water intake 24/7? The truth is that it’s not possible to know most of the time, as you are occupied so much in your daily activities that you will unknowingly neglect how much you need Water, which may be at the times when you need it most. Well now you don’t have to worry anymore! As the answer to these concerns is in the new upcoming Wrist gadget called LVL Hydration Monitor.

What is the LVL Hydration Monitor?

So now, have I got you curious enough to find out exactly What is the LVL Hydration Monitor? If Yes, then here it is. It is the world’s 1st Wrist Wearable Hydration Monitor, that will Monitor your Hydration Level 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s right in the past there was no such technological device that be so advanced in Monitoring your body’s hydration level, until now. Here’s a quick video (from BSX Technologies) that will give you a good insight on this unique wrist gadget: –

This wrist wearable gadget has truly revolutionised a possibility which once we had thought was just impossible to achieve. To find out more, keep reading on! As we dive into some of the key features this unique wrist gadget will bring to you in achieving a healthier lifestyle then what is now. Some of the key features of LVL includes the Technology behind Hydration Monitoring, Sleep, Activity & Mood tracking and Smart Notifications & Reporting.

Technology that Transforms Fitness onto a New Level

LVL is a unique wrist wearable piece of tech that has astonishing broken boundaries in technology, which weren’t previously possible. The thing that sets this wrist gadget apart is its ability to Monitor your Hydration level throughout the day and thus provide you real-time information on how much water you need to take and how it can improve your health & performance. Take a look at the video below (from BSX Technologies), that gives you an insight on the technology that brings this wearable to life: –





The technology that this wearable product uses is more advanced than any other health and fitness wearable device currently out in the market. More specifically specialising in Hydration and Heart Rate Monitoring. The advanced technology that LVL uses is called a RED Light technology, which is a technology that has been around for some years but only used in the medical industry where exposure to accuracy and precision is monitored much more closely than anywhere else. As organisations within the industry need to comply to certain regulatory standards to keep patients protected more strictly, when it comes to patient safety.





The term Red light is derived from a Pulse Oximetry technology, which is a method of monitoring various aspects of a patient’s well being that includes heart rate and arterial oxygen saturation. It is this type of RED light (like infra-red), which today is so widely used in hospitals to safely monitor patients, in areas such as Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units.

Because of using such a technology, the greatest advantage a patient gains, is the depth to which this light signal passes through into your body. Through this RED light signal, the Wrist Wearable device LVL is able to accurately analyse your body’s hydration level as it goes down to the tissue levels in your body. Which provides a 10 x more accurate reading of your Heart Rate and Hydration level in comparison to Green Light technology, which is currently the technology that is more commonly used in most wrist wearable devices today.

Continue to keep Sleep, Mood & Activity in Control

Moving onto the 2nd biggest feature of this unique wrist gadget, which is Sleep, Mood & Activity Tracking. That’s right! If you thought that this elegant piece of wearable tech is just about Hydration monitoring, then think again. As it is packed with all the same sleep, activity and mood tracking features as you would find in a traditional fitness watch of today. Take a look at the video (from BSX Technologies) below to understand the importance of Continual Water Hydration and how it impacts your Sleep, Mood and Performance in your everyday life:-

What does this mean for you? This means that the device is empowered with the ability to track and report on your daily activities, whether that be some sport, exercise or any other work life activity you may have. LVL tracks and reports on crucial information about your health & fitness such as your activity length & patterns, how many steps have you done, distance you have travelled, calories you have burnt and much much more!! This is all in addition to the real-time Hydration notifications you also get on every step of the way.

Hydration level tracking and reporting acts as a missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to tracking your health and fitness all in one. The one thing that is so important in every part of our life is so easily overlooked sometimes. But it is now our chance to realise this and bring a change through this innovative wrist gadget coming soon.

Take Your Health & Fitness to the Edge with Smart Notifications

So far you have learnt features such as the unique Hydration monitoring technology and the Sleep, Activity and Mood tracking functionality that LVL provides you. However, the most significant key feature of the device is unlocked through the Smartphone Integration via its dedicated App. As this integration acts as backbone to analysing all the data and delivering smart notifications to help push you through that extra mile when you need it most. Through this smartphone integration LVL can provide you other key benefits in the form of real-time Smart notifications such as alerting on your Mood of how you feel, Smart Coaching to enhance your workouts and Customised Refuelling recommendations for optimised hydration and nutrition.





The LVL wrist wearable gadget is intelligently programmed to deliver an accurate reading and alerting on everything your body goes through, which includes providing you real-time information on how much fluid your body has sweated out, retained and requires more to achieve a good night sleep and top level rejuvenation, to perform at its best the next day.


 An All In One Fitness Tracker packed with Elegance

Moving onto the look and feel of this product, I must say it is one of the most attractive health & fitness gadgets I have ever seen in wearable’s so far. The design is superbly elegant, that you will surely be drawn to try it out at least once. Currently the device comes with 4 stylish wristbands for you to choose from, which include Black Silicone, Black Leather, Brown Leather and Space Cadet Silicone. My Favourite is the Black Leather!

The Screen of the device is beautifully constructed in the form of a capsule, which measures approximately 12mm x 24mm and the device itself measures 17mm x 45mm. In terms of weight the product only weighs 50 grams, which I feel is impressively lightweight for such a powerful gadget of this kind. LVL can be integrated with both IOS and Android Smartphones and comes with Water Resistance at IP67 grade. To find out more about the journey taken to build this beautiful looking Health & Fitness wearable, then take a look at the video (from BSX Technologies) below:-

When it comes to power, the LVL Hydration monitor is capable of delivering upto 4 days worth battery life before needing a re-charge. Recharging the device is as quick as 1 – 2 hrs, which I believe is a decent timescale for getting you back on active again. In addition to the Built in RED Light sensor technology mentioned earlier, the device also comes with the commonly known Bluetooth Low Energy technology (used to connect to your Smart device such as your ipad or iphone).


To summarise this unique Wrist Gadget, I would say that this product is cool futuristic piece of tech which has transformed a solution that was once considered dream to achieve. The manufacturers of the LVL Hydration Monitor called BSX Technologies have really taken the health & fitness wearables to whole new level, which in my opinion is a technological advancement that everyone will want to get their hands on very soon.

Water dehydration is a common problem that impacts every single one of us somewhere in our life, yet we neglect it on many occasions not realising what the potential consequences can be. Hopefully through this article you would have realised how important it is to maintain hydration levels all the time. So now you know it’s important, let’s make a change to our well being through LVL. The ultimate all in in one health & fitness wrist gadget you will ever buy. Which I would highly recommend to all people that stay active a lot but really struggle to keep up with hydrating themselves throughout the day. Remember upto 60% of your body is water, so keeping that level maintained allows your body to function at its best. The above is my recommendation, however see what a celebrity fitness trainer thinks of the product in the video (from BSX Technologies) below: –











The product is now coming towards the end of production and ready for shipping in summer 2018. So, if this is a health & fitness tracker you or your family could potentially benefit from, then Pre-Order now (if purchased now you will get the product at special discounted price of $149, which is $50 cheaper then it’s original price).

In the meantime, if you like to find out more about this unique Wrist Gadget then please click here.

Further updates to this article will follow once the product has been launched fully and which will include a more extensive review on its usage, benefits and pros & cons.

Please comment below on how useful you found this article and what your thoughts are about the product, based on your own life experiences and what the product can potentially do for you in the future. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article then you may also be interested in the Garmin VivoActive HR Review.

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  1. This is a great article, I will be keen to purchase one of these soon. I have been feeling dehydrated on many occasions. Especially on my busy days at work, where I easily miss out drinking enough water. Hopefully LVL will help me keep track of this now.

    • Hi Natalie,

      Thank you for your comment. It is definitely the health & fitness wearable gadget of the future that now provides you with hydration level tracking. If you like to purchase one please click on the ‘click here’ in conclusion section above. Please keep connected for more innovative gadgets to come.

  2. Good article!

  3. Is this still on track to be launched this summer per Are there any anticipated reviews about the product? They say it’s available for pre order but how could one tell at this point?

    • The product is not officially launched for the mass market yet, but they have promised backers of the project to receive their LVL wearables by the end of Summer 2018. Currently there seems to be a delay of some what on this, which hasn’t been indicated clearly by BSX Technologies. However, I am in the process of chasing for a further update on the progress of the this products development and launch (if possible). As on when I have an update from the company I will share it with you immediately. Thanks for your Comment.

  4. Daniel A Rockmore

    I would be quite interested is receiving an update when this product will be available for purchase. I am an older gentlemen and am sure I am not keeping properly hydrated. This product would be an enormous benefit for me if it performs accurately.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your comment, Yes this product is designed to keep an eye out for your fluctuating Hydration Levels. Therefore will keep you informed on any further update I receive on this product.



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