InstaDreamer – Wearable that helps you control Lucid Dreams

Have you ever wanted to experience the world of Lucid Dreaming in your sleep, but have been let down by the methods and tools that just have not proven to be effective? If this sounds like you, then you can be rest assured as I unveil one of the biggest breakthroughs in wrist wearable technology, which not just keeps track of your sleep, but will empower you with ability to dive into a Lucid Dream and take complete control of them. Sounds too good to be to true right? Well it’s not! The revolutionary wrist gadget is called InstaDreamer, which will let you take your imagination to a whole new level, through experiencing things that you are not able to experience in your awaken life.

What is the InstaDreamer?

So, What is the InstaDreamer! It is the world’s first wrist wearable sleep tracker that gives you the power to see and control Lucid Dreams. Lucid Dreaming is a phenomenon which historically, only a limited number of people could practice & experience and which required a lengthy amount of studying into the theories of how to practice Lucid Dreaming in sleep. For decades many people failed to experience Lucid Dreams worldwide. As the theory was difficult to adopt, many people turned to alternative forms of technology that promised to also enable Lucid Dreaming. Only to find that such devices were also unsuccessful to live up to their promises.

However, the InstaDreamer is a revolutionary wrist gadget that is comes intelligent as it gets, when it comes to Lucid Dreaming and therefore is simply a wearable gadget like no other. So are you interested in finding out what makes this wrist gadget remarkably different to its predecessors. If Yes! Then let’s dive into the key features that make the InstaDreamer a sleep tracker that will give you the powers to control your dreams how you want (the possibilities are simply endless). The key features of this unique wearable gadget includes Vibrasmart Conditioning Technology, Biosensor Recording and Silent Vibrating Alarm. Before I take you further into the key features take a look the video below:

Empower yourself to Enter Lucid Dreams through Vibrasmart Conditioning

Starting with the first key feature of this unique wrist gadget, which is the VibraSmart Conditioning technology. This feature is essentially what brings InstaDreamer to life. VibraSmart is a conditioning technology which derives from Pavlovian Conditioning. The very thing that sends out gentle vibrations to your wrist, which condition you to check if you are dreaming or not dreaming throughout the day and night.

InstaDreamer is one of the first wearable gadgets to adopt Pavlovian conditioning, through which it sends gentle vibrations, which indirectly train your brain to distinguish when you’re dreaming to achieve lucid dreams. Through this technology the InstaDreameer bracelet once worn on your wrist, propel you into your dream world, giving you full control on your dream, where you can make anything possible.

Most people find that when they are dreaming they don’t actually realise if they are really dreaming or still awake in some way. For which reason achieving the unattainable skill of Lucid dreaming becomes near impossible for most of us. However with the InstaDreamer you don’t have this worry as you will feel the vibration on your wrist inside your dream, telling you that you have now entered a Lucid Dream. After that the possibilities are endless on where you take your imagination, as now you are in full control of what you do in your dream!

I know what you probably thinking, is this for Real! Can I finally experience instant Lucid dreams? The answer is Yes! Through a series of Beta tests carried out on the product, already 70% of the testers were amazed with their experience of achieving Lucid Dreams within just 3 days.

Maintain your Health & Wellbeing through accurate insights on your Sleep Activity 

Moving onto the next big feature of this unique wrist wearable gadget, which is the Biosensor it uses. The InstaDreamer doesn’t just facilitate Lucid Dreaming but intelligently measures and sends vital information on your sleep cycle throughout the night. Now that is cool! Through the built in Biosensor the InstaDreamer provides accurately meaningful insights via an InstaDreamer app on your smartphone.

From here you can be rest assured that the device is dedicated to ensuring you are continuously improving on the quality of the sleep you get and as a result your health as well. The insights on the Smartphone app are driven by the InstaDreamer bracelet, which records your activity such as the body temperature, pulse and movements throughout the night (which are also the activities that play a major role in launching you into a lucid dream exactly when the time is right).

A Unique Alarm that Intelligently Propels you into your Dream and Back

Coming into the next key feature of this futuristic wearable, is its silent vibrating alarm function. Although it may sound like stating the obvious here, but you will be astonished hear that the Silent Vibrating Alarm function alerts the sleeper to wake up in a different way to what you currently experience.

The built in Alarm function will allow the InstaDreamer to analyse your sleep cycle and wake you up during your lightest sleep at your chosen wake-up period. Which as a result will enable you to Wake up fully refreshed and ready to set your day with full energy. This unique sleeping and waking-up experience may not be new, but is surely different to how most other Alarms alert you to wake up from your sleep. Whats even more impressive is it does all this so discreetly silent, that the silent Alarm will also allow you to wake up without disturbing anyone else around you.

The Theory of Lucid Dreaming

You may be thinking wearable that takes me into a Lucid Dream, which sounds exciting but what is a Lucid Dream exactly? The short answer is if you have seen the movie Inception, it may ring a bell! If not, then keep reading as give you a quick overview.

Within the dreaming world, there are many different types of dreams people experience and which include dreams like Normal REM Dreams, Day Dreams, Lucid Dreams and Nightmares. Normal Dreams, Day Dreams and Nightmares, are the most common dreams that almost all of us would have experienced at least once in our daily lives. However Lucid Dreams are one that are most difficult to experience, yet are the most exciting to experience and which also provides great benefits to the quality of sleep you get.

Most dreams we experience we don’t remember and are easily woken out of due to light or surrounded sounds in the room. Reason for this is that most dreams we experience come in the form of Rapid Eye Movement sleep dreams, in which the dreamer is sleeping, but in a state of being awake as if he / she were awake for real (where you experience that you are dreaming but, not part of that dream as if you are not in the dream or in control of it).

However, inside a Lucid dream, you are conscious and in full control of what you do and experience inside the dream. I know what you wondering is this actual possible? The answer is Yes! And science has proven this by explaining that during your sleep, a part of your brain is reactivated (in scientific terms this is called the right ‘dorsolateral prefrontal cortex’, in case you curious). It is because of this that you will know you are dreaming and are able to access the most powerful virtual reality generator of the human body. Your Mind! Sounds magical, right? Well it is all surprisingly as real as it gets and whats best is that when you in control of your dream, you can manipulate and do the things you always wished to do in real life.

Simplistically Powerful and Discreet Wearable to Wear

Moving onto the look and feel of this unique wrist gadget, I must say the InstaDreamer comes across as a simplistically powerful yet very comfortable device to wear. This wearable is made from a Medical grade silicone material and will come in a whole range colours combine with black on the outside and the colour on the inside. Colours you can expect to find it in (upon release), includes Pink, Blue, Green and Black & White.

The InstaDreamer is made to be fully adjustable, allowing it to fit around any wrist size. Other things that also come into its spec include it’s weight of 21g and Band thickness of only 8mm. Which makes this product so light and minimalistic to wear around your wrist, that you can easily keep it on all day and not realise you are actually wearing something on your wrist.

Compared to previous Lucid dreaming solutions this product truly stands out from the crowd, as you can now avoid all the hassles of working with solutions that use electrodes, wires or even headbands and still not as effective as you would expect to be. InstaDreamer bracelet is just all you need to enjoy your lucid dreaming experience, with the peace of mind that one device will do it all for you. All you need is to just keep it on throughout the day and night, and it will propel you into your dream.

Going more technical into the device, the InstaDreamer also comes packed with a  Re-chargeable battery which lasts for several weeks on a single charge. Now that’s what I call power made to last long. Giving you the peace of mind that you can go through several days and nights without worrying that you have to charge the device anytime soon.

Another key breakthrough in the functioning of this unique wearable device is that the InstaDreamer bracelet works completely standalone. Which means that the device can monitor & record your sleep activity offline and then automatically upload the data to your phone the moment the device detects a network that your phone can access.


To summarise this unique Wrist Gadget, I would say that InstaDreamer product is remarkeably ground-breaking in the technology it uses and the revolutionary wrist gadget it has come to be. This gadget sets the barrier even higher in what one can achieve through science and technology today.

The InstaDreamer takes a massive leap forward in enabling Lucid Dreaming like never seen before and with a guarantee never promised before either (by previous Lucid Dreaming solutions currently out in the market). I know this may sound strange, but who could even dream of Lucid Dreaming ever being possible in our daily lives! Well now you have it soon this could be yours, if you ever wanted benefit from Lucid Dreaming and improving on your sleep.

Sleep is a critical part of our life, which is quite frequently not taken as seriously as we need to. This is mainly due to continuous stresses in our life, not letting us achieve the good night sleep we require, for our mind and body to feel fully refreshed and energised the next day. To achieve a good night sleep there are many things we try to manage around ourselves to help us get the best sleep we always need. This could include simple things like switching the lights off or turning off any sound in our surroundings that may distract us.

But did you know that one of the biggest driver of achieving the best sleep is through the quality of dreams you experience when sleeping, in which the common REM Category (Rapid Eye Movement) dreams just don’t provide the same quality that you will achieve through Lucid Dreams. Hence the InstaDreamer will let you access those Lucid Dreams, giving you the control over anything you dream off.

If you have always wished to own a robust solution that will truly let you experience Lucid Dreams, then the InstaDreamer is for you! The ultimate Lucid Dreamer gadget of today, that has already promised to guarantee you will experience a Lucid Dream within 3 nights from wearing the product (proven by beta tests carried out on the product so far).

The product is now available to purchase. If you are interested in purchasing this unique Wrist Gadget, then please click here to Pre-order yours today.

Further updates to this article will follow soon with a more extensive review on its usage, benefits and pros & cons.

Please comment below on how you found this article. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article then you may also be interested in the Hey Bracelet.

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