Apple Watch Internet – Browse the Web on your Wrist

The Apple Watch has been around in the market for some years now, continuously evolving in numerous new features which you can take advantage of. Year after Year and Release after Release. Right! But one of the most common functionalities, which we all expect to find in most mobile devices … Continue reading

Does an Apple Watch have a Flashlight

One day I was doing some important DIY work at home until late evening, and needed a flashlight to search for some tools in my Shed in the dark. Unfortunately I had misplaced my iPhone on this day, always being the first! Now given I also wear an Apple Watch … Continue reading

Draverik Watch 2 – The File Storage Wearable of the Future

Have you ever been in those difficult moments where you have desperately needed to reach out to an important file you need but are just unable to access it due to being occupied in an important meeting or you are just on the go and have remembered that you need … Continue reading