About Me

Hi Everyone,

I am Umer and I come from a background in Computer Science. Where I have become “addicted” to wrist gadgets ever since childhood.

My Passion for Owning and using wrist wearable gadgets has evolved immensely and now am looking to show you the upcoming and most unique range of wrist wearable technology, that can help make your daily life more efficient.

I have been researching numerous wrist gadgets over the past 10 years, and have always been looking for new devices that are fashionable but also unique in there own purpose. My Research has given me the ability to own, review and share new wrist wearable technology, that you may never know had existed in the current times.

Therefore this passion for bringing the future of what innovative wrist based technology can do for you, has been the area that I focus my research upon. Which I would like to share with you and more importantly help you find the ideal Wrist Gagdet you have always been looking for, whether that be it for lifestyle purpose or necessity in your daily life.

Here is the place I will show you the Wrist Gadget that’s right for you.


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