Draverik Watch 2 – The File Storage Wearable of the Future

Have you ever been in those difficult moments where you have desperately needed to reach out to an important file you need but are just unable to access it due to being occupied in an important meeting or you are just on the go and have remembered that you need … Continue reading

Proof Wristband – Alcohol Tracking Wearable

Have you ever experienced happy social moments in your life, when you been out & about with your friends partying till late at night and enjoying a few drinks while you at it? If this sounds like you then you most likely have come into a situation where you can’t … Continue reading

LVL Hydration Monitor – First Water Hydration Wearable Ever

Have you ever been exposed to the potential risk of some of the most common health problems such as Fatigue, Premature Aging, Constipation, Heart attack, High Blood Pressure, Urinary tract infections and Obesity. If Yes! Then you may be surprised to hear that all of these health problems have one … Continue reading