MyLite – Worlds First LED Night Light Wristband

In this day in age everyone sees the need of having bit of light with them when in the dark. This could be in situations where you have just popped out into your back garden to take down the clothes from the washing line or other inconvenient moments such as getting up to go to the bathroom, doing an emergency repair to your Car, trying to get some sleep but struggling with either too much light or no light at all. Whatever your circumstances are, there is always a need for a convenient Night Light that you can simply turn on when you need it. If you have come across such desperate situations where you struggled to find an alternative light, that will give you the perfect assisted lighting you need without distracting others, then this wrist gadget is for you! Welcome to the MyLite.

What is the MyLite?

So, Are you interested in finding out exactly What is the MyLite? And what it can do for you! It is the world’s first Wearable Night light wristband that anyone can wear to give them assistance in the Dark, wherever they go. Now, I’m sure everyone’s encountered many situations in their lives, where you need access to Light when in dark places. Whether that is your child, that’s simply scared of the Dark or it is you that’s needing that assisted light when doing things in the Dark. Whatever the situation this wrist gadget will help you make those moments in your life, more conveniently possible to get through.

Yes! I know what you are thinking. For a Night light I have my phone, so why do I need a Night Light? Well the answer to that is, unfortunately Smartphones due to the level of brightness they provide, it can be more distracting for others and not as mobile as you would always like it to be. Therefore, it is these 2 key factors that MyLite becomes much more useful than similar gadgets currently out in the market. To find out more about this unique product, lets dive into some of the key features that make the MyLite wristband so special in its purpose. The key features include Night Light Function, Auto Timer and Battery Power. But before I take you into the key features in more detail, take a look at the Video below (from MyLite the company): –


A Night Light Function like never seen before

Starting with the main function of this unique wearable Night Light. The MyLite is a wearable Night Light that any person can wear and which includes both Children and Adults. The wrist gadget provides a 2 level handsfree illumination for any task you need to do at night time or in the dark. Historically night lights have always been found to come in the form of Wall Plugs, which may prove useful in some situations. But in most situations, are very unpractical and inflexible. As you would agree with me Night Lights are needed for any situation you’re in, whether that be in your bedroom or out and about.

The device uses a White illuminating light, which is easily powered through a button on the right of the wristband. If you click it once it will give you low level brightness and if you click it twice then it will give you a higher level of brightness. Night Light function is easy to control, regardless of the task and activity you are occupied within. Yes! That means sleeping as well. In fact, through Beta testing the product, the device has proven to help you more easily (especially for children who are afraid of the dark).

The MyLite Night light function works through LED’s that spark Light through its uniquely designed wristband strap. Through the Strap the Night Light powered up rings itself around your wrist, allowing you to see things from all angles when in darkness. On the point of Night light function, White LED Illumination is better then similar type of lighting in other colours.

To give you an example the Red and Green lights have the least impact on the SCN (Suprachiasmatic Nucleus). Blue light on the other hand is also not good for night time sleeping. Which leaves White LED light, that is proven to be the best form of lighting for both night time sleeping and providing the user enough light to see things properly but not bright enough to stimulate the SCN.

SCN is a group of cells in the hypothalamus that respond to light and dark signals. Light travels to the SCN, which signals the internal clock that it is time to be awake. The SCN also sends signals to other parts of the human brain tha control hormones, body temperature and other key functions, which play an important role in making us feel sleepy or awake. To gauge a better understand of this science, then take a look at SCN Illustration above.


Sleep with Ease through an Auto Timer Control

Moving onto the next key feature of this simplistic but a very useful piece of tech. The MyLite also comes packed with an Auto Timer switch, which will allow the device to power down the illumination in accordance to the length of time you have become inactive.

This feature is very useful for all of you that struggles to go to sleep in the dark and likes to keep a bit of light around you to help you go to sleep. Generally, you will find that till you haven’t fallen asleep you are active in some way or another, even if your lying down and therefore it isn’t till you completely fall asleep that you become inactive enough. In the Beta test of the product carried out, this feature has proven very useful for both Adults and Children in helping them go to sleep and therefore promises to benefit you in many ways like this.

Packed with Power Made to Last Long

Moving onto the final key feature of the MyLite wrist gadget, is its Battery life. Unlike any similar device you may find in the market today, this product consists of a Re-chargeable battery, that can easily be recharged via USB. Which means now you can enjoy that peace of mind that you never have to go through the trouble of replacing batteries continuously. The charging capability is made so simple that if you have a standard USB powerbank, then there is no chance you will ever be without light wherever you are.

If this benefit sounds conveniently useful, then wait till you here what else you can achieve from this wrist gadget! On a single charge the Battery of MyLite is powerful enough to provide you Long Lasting battery power, which is currently estimated to be between 3 – 4 weeks. Now that’s what I call power, you can truly benefit from!


A Night Light that truly feels Illuminating on your Wrist

Enough said about what the MyLite can give you from a functional point of view. Now let’s come to the overall look and feel of the product. The device is a great revolutionary product that takes the concept of keeping a Night Light with you on the go, to the next level. Delivering endless possibilities to how you can use the Night Light in comparison to what the Night Light is currently perceived to be (standalone). The design of the gadget comes across very solid, flexible and well built. Both the wristband strap and the MyLite component, are neatly lined up making this device a slimline wearable which makes it not so prominent on your wrist as some other wrist gadgets do.

This simplistic wearable comes with an easy to use single button which is placed near the side of the Black MyLite component. The clear strap is made of a High Level Medical grade PVC material. The device comes in 2 different sizes and 2 different colours. Colours include White and Black and sizes are Large (Adult) which fits wrists that are greater than 6 inches around and the small (Junior) size which fits wrists that are less than 6 inches around.

Weighing only 23 grams makes this wearable a wristband that anyone can comfortably wear for as long as you wish. In a comparison test carried out against a smartphone, the MyLite proved itself to deliver a better Night Light experience to its users than a Smartphone. Look below to see for yourself.


To summarise this unique Wrist Gadget, I would say that this wearable device is revolutionary in the Night Light concept and purpose to which it delivers. The Night Light is something that is needed by everyone at some time in their lives, and sometimes more frequently then we expect. However, we have never been able to use it at its full potential as it has either come in the form of a Wall Plug device or a handheld device. Trouble with these are that they are either too bulky to carry in your hand all the time or not always at an arm’s reach when you are needing light in changing locations, instead of being fixated to one part of the room only.

Keeping these limitations in mind I would recommend this revolutionary product to everyone, as this device changes the way you use your Night Light and when you use it. The MyLite is the 1st of its kind that is very light weight that anyone can carry, wrist wearable making your handsfree while you do your tasks or search for items and finally flexible & long lasting in its use. These key benefits will empower you to take control of how you want the Night Light to assist you, rather than be troubled with holding a Light in your hand whilst doing your task or getting of your Bed to switch on and off the Night Light when using it.

If you have experienced any inconvenient situation in the daily activities of your life and therefore always lack that that light when you need it most, then the MyLite is for you. Your ultimate Night Light assistance that be with you wherever you go and in whatever you do. The MyLite wristband is a simplistic but unique wrist wearable accessory, that will give you endless possibilities on how you can use it in your daily life. The Beta testers who tested the product so far, said that “we found more tasks that we could use this for, once we wore the MyLite for longer periods of time, and which therefore has greatly benefited us in the daily tasks we do”.

This product is now available for purchasing. Please Click Here. Alternatively if you own an Apple Watch, you will be able to benefit from a similiar Flashlight Feature from within the SmartWatch as well. Please click on Apple Watch Flashlight to find out more.

Please comment below on how useful you found this article and what your thoughts are about the product, based on your own life experiences and what the product can potentially do for you. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article then you may also be interested in the Leatherman Tread.

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