Draverik Watch 2 – The File Storage Wearable of the Future

Have you ever been in those difficult moments where you have desperately needed to reach out to an important file you need but are just unable to access it due to being occupied in an important meeting or you are just on the go and have remembered that you need to check some important information on a file which you have stored away and can’t be troubled with the hassle of turning on your computer. If Yes, then the Draverik Watch 2 is just the device you need! A revolutionary wrist gadget that will give you the power of File Management like no other device before.

What is the Draverik Watch 2?

So, are you ready discover exactly What is the Draverik Watch 2? If Yes, then here it is. It is the Worlds most advanced File Storage device you can wear on your Wrist. That’s right! This unique wearable gadget will let you store all of your important files into the device, ready for access when you need it most. The Draverik Watch 2 is a smartwatch built for Students and Business Professionals, that constantly require access to files when on the go. Which this smart device provides you more intelligently than ever before!

Some of the key features that make this wrist gadget the best wearable File Storage system you will ever wear, include include its File Storage & Viewing capability, Editing & Importing Files, Built in Applications and the Draverik Pen. Still Interested? Then keep reading further as you are Stunned by the level of information you can see on your wrist. Take a look below for an official trailer from Draverik (product manufacturer), about the product.

Smartwatch with Worlds most Unique File Storage

Starting with the 1st key feature of this unique Smartwatch of the 20th Century, the device comes with a large flash drive storage capacity which will enable you to easily store all computer files into the watch memory, giving you the ability to carry all your confidential files without seeing the need of carrying portable flash drives in your pocket or your laptop computer. The Draverik Watch 2 also comes with a smart safe lock system which you can enable on the device to keep your files stored completely safe from anyone else access it should you see the need to take the watch off at times. Alongside the Storage the most remarkable feature of this wrist gadget is its ability to provide you with a File Viewing function within the Watch itself. I know what you are thinking, is this for real or can it really facilitate file viewing on a small device like this. The answer is Yes! Draverik Watch 2 uses a special technology that will give you the power to view and control any file you have stored inside the device.

The Watch is designed to be powerful enough render any file it stores to a high quality on the display, allowing you to manoeuvre around the display how you wish (giving you the ability to zoom in and zoom out and navigate top, left, right and bottom on the screen).

This feature is a massive leap forward from its Pre-decessor called the Draverik Watch, as the display provides a much clearer resolution and the fact that it can now display graphical images and other file contents which the Draverik Watch could not do. And just to top it up the best part of this feature evolution is the fact that it’s in full colour with a bigger display.

Software provides Flexibility to what you can Store

So now that you know what the Watch can provide you from a storage and accessibility point of view. Let’s take you into the next key thing that gives you the flexibility to store the files the way you want to view it on the device and that is Draverik Office. This software application is setup onto the PC and which gives you the ability to Create new files, Convert existing files, Customise files to your viewing preferences and finally Import the files into the Watch. Through the Draverik Office application you can Edit and Store files into the Watch with ease and which includes multiple types of files you can save and display on the Watch.  Some of the files that can be imported into the device include Word documents, JPEG & PNG Images, XML and PDF files.

Keeping up with Everyday Tasks and Activities are now Made Easy

Coming onto the next key feature of this astonishingly powerful storage device, is its multitude of applications that come built into the OS of the device. This includes many useful applications which currently come as no surprise on most smart devices, however collectively they still give the product an extra edge for its target audience (which are mainly Students and Business professionals). The applications that the product is currently programmed to come with include applications such as Calendar, Events Planner, Calculator, Unit Converter, Alarms, Tasks and a Stopwatch together with the standards Settings Application through which you can make changes to other configurations on the Watch.

 On the Go Use is now Intelligently Evolving then ever Before

Enough said about the key features of this wrist wearable device. Now I will take you into 2 separate items that make it the ultimate package anyone would consider. This includes the Draverik Pen and Mobile Powerbank, which you can tuck away easily into your bag. Ready for when you want to get the most out of the Draverik Watch 2. Starting with the Pen. The Draverik Pen is no ordinary Pen that you would use to make notes in your classes or meetings. Instead it is a futuristic Pen that makes the Wireless Computer mouse of today look history! Draverik Pen is a stylish pen, which from the outside almost looks like a stylus but inside it comes with Intelligently engineered Bluetooth technology.

Through which you can remotely control all your Navigation around your files and other applications seamlessly with ease and without anyone even noticing what you’re doing. Now how cool is that! Sounds like something you find in 007 James Bond or Mission Impossible movies right. Yet it’s actually a reality that will soon become true. This feature will empower you will the ability to make notes at the same time as navigate your files to check for information, which is a 2 in 1 feature I have come across very rarely. Moving onto the Powerbank that comes with the device. The Powerbank is also manufactured to be very compact and with elegance. Although Smartwatches and their chargers have been around for some time, it is quite rare to find a Charger for the Smartwatch that will charge the Watch on the go. Draverik Powerbank comes with up to 300 mAh battery capacity, which is rechargeable and can provide up to 3 days of additional power (dependant on usage of the Watch once re-charged).

Astonishingly Smart and Suitable for any Occassion

Moving onto the look and feel of this Smart looking wrist wearable device. The Draverik Watch 2 is a beautifully manufactured product, keeping in line with today’s fashion requirements and sustaining high performing function at the same time. The Watch comes with a lot of flexibility, as far as customisation goes. This includes choose your own Watch Face, Strap Style, Watch Casing and the Colour of the matching Pen you like to go with it.

Going further into the design and specifications of the Watch. The product’s watch face measures approximately 3.78 cm (Diameter) x 5.3 cm (Outer layer casing) x 1.35 cm (Thickness). Which in my opinion is a perfect size for the type of Watch this is, as the Battery and Flash drive memory can take a bit of space.

The Screen of the Watch is a Round TFT Color touchscreen which provides 240 * 240 pixels in Display resolution. Material used on the Watch includes Bronze for the casing and Genuine Leather with stainless steel for the Straps. As previously mentioned before both the Powerbank and the

Draverik Watch 2 come with a Battery capacity of 300 mAh, which is expected to last up to 3 days. The battery is rechargeable through a Contact Charging system. Other key elements of the Watch specification include a Draverik Operating System software, which is promised to be updated as on when update releases are due for FREE. The device also comes with 3-axis accelerometer sensors, 8GB worth of internal storage and a Vibration alert system.


Based on my research about the product and exploration what uses such a unique Wearable device could have, I come to realise that the possibilities are endless. To summarise my thoughts about the Draverik Watch 2, I must say that the gadget is very unique in what it can do. Now although it may not be a full blown Smart watch that you’d commonly expect, it does still have an edge in the market. Why? Because It enables you to store a very large number of files, which can be viewable when you need it most. Now this one feature is so big that even the Apple Watch cannot compete with! In terms of its potential uses, well the product is purposely designed for Students and Business Professionals. And you can see the benefits for each straight through it. So, what is the biggest benefit Students can expect to achieve from the device? You probably thinking Cheating in Exams right! Well although it is so discrete that combined with the Pen, you can pull it off in your exams. But that’s not what I would recommend nor is it a benefit you should seek to purchase this device. Instead the Draverik Watch 2 will be very beneficial to all students that are in classes and have forgotten their notes at home or need to refer to a specific page on an electronic book file when doing classroom work etc. Also, similarly Business professionals can benefit for similar reasons as well and which includes referring to meeting notes or a specific document information required during a meeting, setting task and reminders for planning your work day. Finally, I would like to finish this conclusion by saying that here is another fine example of what the future of wrist wearable technology beholds. The world is changing rapidly and so is our life through how we interact with such technology advance gadgets that are purposely built to ease a person’s life. The product campaign is launching soon, with a view to release late this year. If you are interested in purchasing this product in the future, then Click here to find out more and Pre-order now at a discounted rate! Further updates to this article will follow once the product has been launched fully and which will include a more extensive review on its usage, benefits and pros & cons. Please comment below on how useful you found this article and what are your thoughts about this product, based on your own life experiences and what the product can potentially do for you in the future. Finally, I just like to say that if you enjoyed reading this article then you may also be interested in the Garmin VivoActive HR.

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