The Leatherman Tread Review – MULTI-TOOL BRACELET

Ever wished you could own a multi-tool gadget, that wouldn’t just help you in your everyday DIY work but also become an ultimate fashion accessory that you can wear all the time. If you wished for such a unique wrist gadget, then you wait is finally over with a remarkably distinctive product called the Leatherman Tread bracelet.

Leatherman Tread Review

Leatherman Tread is beautifully manufactured Multi-Tool bracelet which transforms into 25 different tools to support you with your DIY or any other Handyman work you happen to carryout. This stunning looking bracelet consists of many key tools that you commonly rely upon when carrying out DIY or Handyman work. Some of the key tools that this unique gadget consists of include Philips / Flat screwdrivers, Glass Breaker, Wrench and much more.

Some of the key features of this unique wrist gadget include its Flexibility to transform, provide a fully loaded wrist toolset and alleviate durability & portability in its use. Although the gadget can never replace the full size tools, it truly delivers a ground breaking piece of engineering like never seen before.


Leatherman Tread is an iconic gadget that truly pushes boundaries when it comes to production of multi-tool devices. Going into the build and design of this unique wrist gadget, the multi-tool bracelet currently comes in 2 colours silver and black. The bracelet weighs approximately 168 grams and measures 21.74 cm in circumference.

Each band link measures approximately 3.05 cm, where the construction of the bracelet is so flexible you can remove links to re-size or swap for other tools you require instead. In terms of the Bracelet link connections, the connections are made by screw that tightens each bracelet link to each other.

Flexibility in Transformation

This unique travel gadget comes with immense flexibility in its use and transformation. Focusing on the use of Leatherman Tread, the product is very flexible when resizing the bracelet or making changes to the individual links of the bracelet.

The bracelet is made up of a combination of several links, where each link consists of a different tool. These links are fully interchangeable at any time, which therefore makes the bracelet so flexible that it can completely be taken apart and re-made again. This enables the product to give you the essential tools you require based on your changing needs.

Giving the effortless trouble you have to go through to change links on your bracelet, allows the bracelet to be resized much more quickly than traditional bracelets.


If you thought that the transformation of a new toolset within the Leatherman Tread bracelet was not enough. Then you will be pleased to hear that this trendy travel product has just got more fashionable. That’s right the Leatherman Tread is not just flexible to interchangeable tools and transforming into a Bracelet, but can also be morphed into stunning stainless steel Wrist Watch as well.

Although the Watch piece comes as a separate component, purchased in addition to the Leatherman Tread bracelet, it is a very useful Add-On to have for moments where you just simply want to check the time.

Fully Loaded Wrist Toolset

Moving onto the next key feature of this unique wrist gadget, Leatherman Tread is one of the world’s first multi – tool wrist gadgets around. But it does not stop there. This stainless steel bracelet consists of 25 solid corrosion resistant tools, capable of fulfilling most of your common needs of DIY work or fixtures you’d expect to carryout.

Take a look at some of the tools that this product consists of and possibilities of what variety of work it can be used for: –

  • Box Wrenches – Can be used on any object that requires Nut tightening.
  • Philips Screwdrivers – Can be used on any object that requires a Philips head Screws tightened.
  • Flat Screwdrivers – Can be used on any object that requires a Flat head screw tightened.
  • Cutting Hook – Can be used on almost any object that needs cutting such as Paper, Card Board.
  • Pick or Sim Card tool – This can be used as a Picker for threads and taking out sim cards from a smartphone.
  • Ratchet socket drive – This can be used if you need to use a Ratchet socket to tighten the nut.
  • Carbide Glass Breaker – This glass breaker can shatter and break auto glass.

The multi tool device does not restrict most of these tools to a given size, instead it is empowered with various sizes, so that you can finish the job you doing knowing you are fully kitted with the different tools you need at the time.

Robust Durability and Portability

Another key feature of this unique gadget is its elite quality of manufacturing and durability. Leatherman is a well-recognised company that specialises in manufacturing very high quality multi-tool products for many years.

More specifically the Leatherman Tread product is also amongst many of their multi-tool gadgets that are built to be durable for long periods of time and which are also confirmed by their 25 year warranty. What makes this wrist gadget so durable is the 12-4 stainless steel material that the whole bracelet uses and which is known for its hardy strength.

Giving the fact that this special gadget can be worn on your wrist makes it one of the most conveniently portable multi-tool devices you would ever have come across. This means that now you won’t have moments where you having to carry heavy multi tools in your pocket, that currently takes up extra weight and space in your pockets which you can simply avoid.

What’s in the Box?

  • Leatherman Tread Bracelet with 25 tools.

Benefits Summary

Some of the key benefits, the Leatherman Tread has proven to deliver includes the following:-

  1. Travel Friendly – The Leatherman tread has proven to be worlds 1st most travel friendly multi-tool ever made. And it delivers this through its elegantly constructed wrist wearable bracelet.
  2. Multi Use Capability – Inside the Leatherman tread you will find all the essential tools you require for your everyday use in DIY work or fixtures. Giving its strong build makes it fully capable in carrying out most of your work without being reliant on big heavy duty tools.
  3. User Friendly and Extremely Flexible – The mechanics of this unique wrist wearable bracelet make it so easy to use, re-adjust and customise the multi-tool you are wearing. Regardless of the job or location, flexibility is a fundamental part of such a device and which Leatherman have executed to perfection.
  4. Multi-Function Leatherman Tread – What makes this unique wrist wearable product truly stand out from the crowd is its multi-function capability and which therefore makes this gadget more worth your money. The multi-function capability it delivers includes its transformation into 25 fully functional tools, beautiful looking bracelet and a watch.

Pros and Cons


  • Consists of Long term Durability
  • Very Compact and Portable
  • It is a Solid piece of Kit
  • A Multi-functional Device (Bracelet, Tools and Wrist Watch)
  • Easy to use


  • It is a little expensive for the type of product it is.


To conclude my review on the Leatherman Tread, I would say that this one of worlds 1st multi-tool gadgets that is wearable on your wrist. This concept raises the bar higher than ever before in the development multi-tool gadgets. Overall I would rate this to be a must buy gadget for all users that are into DIY work or handyman work.

Although the price of this gadget is much higher than most multi-tool gadgets currently out in the market, I would still recommend this due to its 25 year manufactures warranty and the additional benefits you can seek from a fashion accessory of this kind. Consider it to be a once in a lifetime investment, that will truly pay of many times in its use.

The Leatherman Tread is currently retailing from £158 ($191). If you are interested in purchasing this unique multi-tool bracelet, then please click onto the Amazon UK or Amazon US now.

Please comment below on how useful you found this article. Also if you enjoyed reading this article then you may also be interested in the Garmin VivoActive HR or Pavlok Bracelet.

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