Hey Bracelet – Bridge the Distance with your Touch

Have you ever experienced moments in your life where you wish your loved one was close to you, but let down by the distance which makes it difficult to share & feel that moment with your loved one. If this sounds like you then worry not, as that distance has now been bridged between you and your loved one. Welcome to the Hey Bracelet, the world’s 1st Smart Haptic Bracelet that will let your loved one feel your touch regardless of how distant you both are from each other.

What is the Hey Bracelet?

The Hey Bracelet is the world’s 1st ever Smart Haptic Bracelet, which allows you to connect to your loved ones through your touch sense. The experience of feeling your loved one’s touch goes a long way, especially when you both are so distant away from each other that it is near impossible to experience that part of your relationship.

Hey is a unique wearable which embraces an exceptionally futuristic technology, that will send your touch to your loved one regardless of how far away he / she is. This transmission of touch is not like any other vibration device you may have come across before, instead it is a real human stroke or squeeze that you can feel in the same way you feel them in person.


Now you can always feel the comfort that your loved one is thinking about you and always with you, no matter how far apart you are. This innovative Smart Haptic Bracelet, adds to you strengthening your closest relationship with a sense never experienced before.

Social Touch Technology bridges the Distance 

The Hey bracelet comes with a built-in Bluetooth technology through which the device is paired with your Smartphone. To initiate the touch communication process, the device must be touched in 2 places, which once triggered will transfer the ‘touch’ directly to your loved ones Smartphone. Once your loved one has received the touch on his / her smartphone, it automatically transfers onto their connected Hey bracelet within seconds regardless of where he / she is in the world.

Exceedingly Powerful and Weatherproof Bracelet

This unique wrist wearable gadget doesn’t only come with a smart Touch messaging technology but is also packed with impressive battery which takes only 30 mins to charge and will last you up to 3 weeks. Also, if you are concerned about keeping it protected from rain, then worry not as the device is also fully weatherproof. So now you can keep it with you wherever you go throughout the day.

Empower your Hey Bracelet with Smartphone Integration

As briefly mentioned earlier, it is the Hey Smartphone Application that empowers the Hey Bracelet in transmitting the Touch messages once connected. Through the App your Hey Bracelet can easily pair and keep track of every little squeeze you sent making sure it reaches the other bracelet directly. Upon launch of the Product the Smartphone App will become available in both iOS and Android devices.

So, If you thought that this nifty piece of gadget is only capable of transmitting Touch sense messages, then think again. This unique wrist wearable gadget also gives you key bits of information on your loved one. The types of tracking information that this device provides currently is information such as the distance between you and your loved one, as well as the time that you were last together. Which may seem like not much for now, however Hey are looking to add more features to the App in the future.


Technology packed with Beauty & Style

For a wrist wearable gadget packed with such a new and advanced technology, I am astonished with the level of detail the manufacturer has put into this product when it comes to design. The device is so beautifully constructed and would therefore certainly make a fashion statement for whoever owns this wearable.

Hey is a Unisex bracelet, which can be worn by Men and Women. This wrist gadget is constructed in the form of a slim and solid build structure, which can easily blend in nicely regardless of what outfit you are wearing.  Hey bracelet will initially come in 2 colour versions for you to choose from. This includes white & rose gold and anthracite & black.



To summarise this unique Wrist Gadget, I would say that this product is exceedingly innovative in its idea and elegantly futuristic in technology. An extraordinary piece of gadget that bonds relationships between you and your loved ones closer than ever before. My view on this smart and fashionable wrist gadget is that the inventor has truly bridged the gap between long distance relationships. Which could be the beginning of a whole new Era, in how we will be able to stay connected to our loved ones around the world.

If you have a loved one, whether that be your partner, mother, father or friend who lives far away from you. Then I would recommend this unique wrist gadget to keep your relationship closely connected and strong for ever.

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Further updates to this article will follow soon with a more extensive review on its usage, benefits and pros & cons.

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